ACFA - Marco Du Plooy

By: Acfa  11-11-2011
Keywords: Prosthesis, Microprocessor, Knee Joint System

• C-Leg® Microprocessor –controlled Knee Joint system

This knee joint allows the user to permanently control the movement of his/her prosthesis. At 50 times per second the ankle moment, knee angle and knee angle speed are measured so that the hydraulic valves can be adjusted to better your gait, and aid to the comfort and speed of your walk.

The C-Leg® was designed to help the amputee and to take the thinking out of walking. That’s right, this unique, innovative Otto Bock knee joint system thinks for you when you walk, and allows you to walk various speeds and on almost any type of terrain you can imagine. The C-Leg® is used by above- and through knee amputees all over the world ranging from ages 16 to 91.

Keywords: Knee Joint System, Microprocessor, Prosthesis