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By: Aarto Facts  11-11-2011
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We offer a wide range of services to the public and business alike. These services are tailored to meet the needs and budget of the entity to which they are being offered so that all may enjoy a service that they can truly afford.

Traffic fines under the best of circumstances are a grudge expense that can best be done without and most people who approach us do so in the hope that they can somehow get off their traffic fine. JPSA is not in the business of defeating the ends of justice, so it does not get fines "squashed" as some would hope. But we are here to assist members of the public in not falling foul of illegitimate traffic fines and defending themselves against wrongful prosecution so that things remain fair and just. Everything that we do follows strict legal processes and we will not engage in questionable activities.

We know the AARTO Act and regulations backwards and are therefore poised to assist you in dealing with AARTO matters. More than this, we are also specialists in traffic law and speed prosecution and are therefore able to assist our clients and members with all matters arising out of traffic prosecution. Essentially, "we are the experts so you don't have to be".

Below is a list of the services that we offer:

AARTO Education Programmes and Seminars

JPSA offers a range of programmes and seminars designed to educate drivers, business owners and all other interested parties in the mechanics and implications of AARTO. These range from on site workshops which provide your staff with a good working knowledge of AARTO to intensive AARTO Administrator training.

For more details on these programmes, choose the programme that you are interested in below:

Advanced booking is essential for any of our programmes and bookings are allocated on a first come first served as well as a geographical basis. Early booking is strongly recommended.

Subscription Services at the AARTO facts website

Registered subscribers to the AARTO facts website can avail themselves of premier content which includes many features not available to regular site visitors.

These include:

Infringement notice consulting, representation etc.

When an infringement notice is received and the recipient is not 100% sure whether it was legally or justifiably issued, these can be submitted for inspection and advice. Where applicable, images (photographs) are called for and inspected with a fine tooth comb to ensure that they meet the evidentiary requirements required by law, specifications etc. Typically, this cannot be done by ordinary laymen but we have the necessary expertise and equipment to do so.

The true advantage of using this service will come into their own once the points-demerit system is implemented, however for now, it may just help you save your money if the notice you have received is invalid.

Companies who have large fleets generally prefer to pay a fixed monthly retainer to have a consultancy deal with their traffic fine issues and this service too is offered by JPSA.

We handle the inspection of these notices and where applicable can complete the relevant representation portion of an AARTO 08 form to assist the client in submitting their representation.

Our fees for these services are as follows:

Once off and ad hock service:

Service Fee
Inspection of infringement notice, including calling for images where necessary R150
Completion of representation section of AARTO forms based on inspection - first representation in group R250
Completion of representation section of AARTO forms based on inspection - additional representations in group R50 each

*NOTE: The fees above apply to any one or combination of infringement notices submitted for inspection. Subsequent submissions are charged in exactly the same fashion if they are not submitted at the same time.

Subscribers to this site receive a 40% discount on all fees for consultation services applicable to their privately registered vehicles. Juristic persons from small companies are also entitled to this discount, provided that no more than 10 vehicles are registered in that juristic person's name.

Contracted services

Keywords: Traffic Law

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As part of the new National Rolling Enforcement Plan announced by Ndebele in September last year, from October 2010 to September 2011, 14 017 190 vehicles and drivers were checked, 5 978 981 fines issued for various traffic offences, 19 780 drunk drivers arrested and 53 341 un-roadworthy vehicles discontinued from use.