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By: A.s. Containers  11-11-2011
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3m x 2.44m x 2.49m. Steel container.
6m x 2.44m x 2.49m. Steel container.
* Please note, that All Containers are available in sizes; 3m, 6m, and 12m!
12m x 2.44m x 2.49m. Steel container.
12m Ablution Container showing the hand basins, shower cubicles and the anti-slip rubber flooring
12m Ablution Container showing urinals and windows.
12m Ablution Container showing shower cubicles, geysers, lockers, and a whirlybird in the roof.
12m Ablution Container with toilet cubicles
12m Office Container with interleading partitions, melamine insulation and airconditioning.
6m Insulated office container with berber point carpeting and blinds on windows.
12m Cinic/Office with insulation and washbasin.
6m Std office container as used on most construction sites and mines.
All containers are custom built as per clients requirements. Containers can be painted to whatever spec is required.
12m 2/3 storage, 1/3 office container. Usefull in being able to double up for both purposes.
6m Reefer Container, Please enquire at our offices for more specs and details on the machines.
12m Reefer Container, all of our containers get hand selected for our sales stock.
12m Reefer Container showing the st/st interior and the aluminium “T” bar flooring.
6m Spaza Container showing serving hatch, entrance door and security gate.
6m Spaza Container with serving hatch and frames on the roof adapted for signage applications.
6m Spaza with expanded metal partition, and phone cubicles.
6m Switchgear Container with false roof and stairs leading up to container entrance.
Inside of above mentioned container. Note the emergency escape doors with panic bars.
12m Switchgear Container with chromadek insulation, steel floor with cable entry cutouts, and panic doors. Container comes fully equipped with emergency lighting as well.
6m IT Container. Here computer skills and business skills are offered as training inside the container.

6m Access Control container with fully electronic turnstiles and access cards. Ideal for major construction sites where access of unauthorized personnel needs to be controlled.
A S Container cc is proud to have completed the refurbishment and building of the mobile radar containers for the SANDF. Everything had to be built to military standards. A good and close working relationship with the SANDF and all other parties ensured the success of this amazing project.
A Custom built 4m steel container designed and constructed by A S Containers cc.
6m Container with side doors for easy access from trucks into the container. These doors are manufactured by A S Containers cc
All of our containers get transported via crane truck. Here a 12m container gets lifted and rigged into position on top of 2 x 6m containers. Not an easy feat!
All crane work gets done to highest levels of safety and efficiency. Here a specialized conversion unit gets ready to be delivered to the SANDF.
Here a 12m office container leaves our depot on a 12m crane truck.
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Keywords: Construction Sites, Crane Truck, Doors, office container, Steel Container