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By: Inuka  11-11-2011
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Ultimate Experience

INUKA Fragrances offer a large range of Parfums and Perfumed Products which promise to give our Consumers the ultimate experience in their favourite fragrances:

  • INUKA Products are of the Highest Quality
  • The fragranced oils used in our products are created by respected perfumery companies in France with centuries of experience and expertise and are at the forefront of technology to set new popular trends
  • INUKA uses the same quality ingredients as other popular designer brands
  • INUKA offers over 100 different beautifully bottled and uniquely packed Fragrances which is complimented with a matching Lotion and Body Wash for every Fragrance
  • INUKA is able to keep prices low and affordable because it is sold by Independent INUKA Business Entrepreneurs and Networkers

Parfums and Perfumed Products are designed to last longer for the Ultimate Fragrance Experience and contain

22-25% perfume oil

which is stronger compared to:

1)    Eau de Parfum   :   8 - 18% concentration of perfume oil
2)    Eau de Toilette   :   4 - 8% concentration of perfume oil
3)    Eau de Cologne   :   3 - 5% concentration of perfume oil

INUKA Product Guarantee: At INUKA we are so certain that Consumers will be completely satisfied with their INUKA Product experience, that INUKA offers a 30 day guarantee.

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Keywords: Fragrances, Parfums, Perfume, Perfume Oil